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How to withdraw money from Funnycash in few clicks!!

When you play and gain profits When it comes to withdrawing coins for trading or further investing. By withdrawing easily, Just follow the step. We will show you how to do it.

First of all, the preliminary conditions must be informed. You can withdraw a minimum amount of 20 USDT.

Things to know before withdrawal

For those who receive bonus as Rocket Coin

With 20 rocket coins, you can withdraw up to 100 USDT.

When playing the game, there is a balance in the wallet of 500 rocket.

**Withdraw will receive 100 USDT, rest 400 will be lost.

Choose to transfer to wallet Our recommended crypto is Binance wallet.

1. Enter the amount of coins you want to withdraw.

2. Load the QR code or copy the address of the wallet.

3. Open your wallet application. and paste the address

**Check before making every transaction.


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