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Funny Cash 🌟 2022 Top Bitcoin & Crypto Casino - Register Get 3USDT

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Hello all funnycash members, today we're going to tell you something that many people may be wondering?

Crypto coins that are held that can be played on the Funny cash club website, here we provide 5 coins that are supported right now.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Ethereum (ETH)

Tether (USDT)

Binance coin (BNB)

Binance USD (BUSD)

Bitcoin(BTC)is the world's largest coin, Ethereum(ETH)is the second largest,

Tether(USDT)is a highly stable coin Binance coin(BNB) is created by the world's largest cryptocurrency trading platform, Binance USD(BUSD) Stablecoin Coin, The value of the coin is stable because it is based on real coins and from the 5 currencies mentioned above. Of course, in the future will open many more coins have updated the exchange rate Real-time from Binance, accurate, safe and reliable.

With deposit-withdrawal services that can be done by yourself 24 hours a day

Safety comes first!

Safe and Secure first! easy to deposit cryptocurrency and get more benefits

1. Tap on "Cashiers" button > Deposit

2. Select cryptocurrency you want deposit > select network

3. Qr code and address will appear > make a payment on external wallet

4. Completed the process ,Now your Crypto is in FunnyCash wallet

How to do the same as making a deposit Choose to transfer to our crypto wallet, whether it's Binance, Meta Mask.

Each withdrawal requires a minimum amount of 20 USDT.

Rocket Coin

First of all, I will be introduced to Rocket Medal It is a free coin reward on Funny cash and can be used for all web games. and can be converted to USDT once the reward conditions are met.

We have a bonus that is easy to receive. 3USDT to tell friends

1.add Telegram @funnycash_freecode

2.Chat with admin. Need bonus code. Wait to receive the code.

3.Bring the code and enter it into the promotion code.

4.โThe bonus will go to the mailbox > Rewards. Press received and ready to play!!

Give away free diamonds!!

give out every hour Get it every time you can play. Click on the gift box icon in the middle below. Don't miss it!!

Diamond Shop. Diamonds in this can be exchanged for USDT coins.

The exchange rate is as follows.

200k diamonds = 10USDT

1M diamonds = 50USDT

2M diamonds = 100USDT

6M diamonds = 300USDT

9.9M diamonds = 500USDT

19.50M diamonds = 1000USDT

The more you exchange, the more you get. Funny Cash Club always have a promotions for members all the time

There are many bonuses for players. Let's get it together. which will be brought to see what is there

First deposit, the maximum bonus amount is 100% of the deposit amount, but not more than 20 USDT.

Reload the deposit, the maximum bonus amount is 5% of the deposit amount. but not more than 100 USDT

100% Daily rebate Every turnover will receive a diamond cashback. Turnover at least 20 will get 20 diamonds.

First deposit within 48 hours (countdown from registration) Get 100% first deposit and get 2000 diamond points

Share bonus, share facebook, get 10,000 diamonds

Daily spin, random game every day, send to members 10 spins, give 600 diamonds

Invite friends, referrals will get 50,000 diamonds the next day. Your friend can get 1000 diamonds.

Continuous deposit Minimum deposit 30 USDT/day 5 consecutive days Bonus 10 USDT

This is confirmed to be true. Add to get it Just go to the icon mission below

It's very easy. The website explains all the conditions.

Or anyone who has problems while using the web, can contact customer service. There is an admin waiting to serve you. Along with live chat service, user service 24 hours a day.

Like this, hurry up to apply for the bonus right here.

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